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Eye Empower

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  1. Enhances Visual Clarity: Sharpens near and far vision, minimizes age-related blur, and boosts night vision.
  2. Reduces Eye Dryness: Restores moisture to dry eyes.
  3. Supports Inflammatory Health: Eases eye swelling, reduces itchiness, and minimizes discharge.
Immediate Results Within Days

Speedy: Designed for rapid effectiveness, offering noticeable improvements in vision and eye conditions.
Innovative: Moving beyond Lutein and Zeaxanthin, our proprietary formula extracts 15+ ingredients to produce the effective blend.
Natural: Crafted from Nature’s finest. Free from chemicals.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients for Eye Empower

Virgate Wormwood Herb (Artemisiae Scopariae Herba), Abalone Shell (Haliotidis Concha), Feather Cockscomb Seed (Celosiae Semen), Climbing Groundsel Herb (Herba Senecionis Scandentis), Pipewort Flower (Eriocauli Flos), Nutgrass Galingale Rhizome (Cyperi Rhizoma), Turmeric Tuber (Radix Curcumae), Caltrop Fruit (Fructus Tribuli), Pale Butterflybush Flower (Buddlejae Flos), Cassia Seed (Cassiae Semen), Wild Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemi Indici Flos), Chinese Thorowax Root (Bupleuri Radix), Baical Skullcap Root (Scutellariae Radix), Chinese Cork-tree (Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex), Cicada Molt (Cicadae Periostracum), Snake Molt (Serpentis Periostracum), Snakegourd Root (Trichosanthis Radix), Ash Bark (Cortex Fraxini)

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    Eye Empower
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