The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

One of the most cruel punishment is depriving one's sleep. Today many of us unconsciously steel our own sleep for the sake of more fun, higher performance, or more work progress. Overtime, the deprivation of sleep robbed us of our mental and physical health, our relationships with others, and our work performance. According to Gallup Poll, 40% of Americans are in this Crisis.

The Amazon Founder Jeff Bezo said he needs 8 hours of sleep. In the DC Economic Club meeting, he mentioned he prioritizes sleep because he thinks better, has more energy, and his mood is better. 

When Arianna Huffington was promoting her book Thrive, many people told her the reason why it's hard to thrive is because they don't have enough sleep. This, plus her own experience, gave her insight to write a second best seller "The Sleep Revolution". In her....

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