How to Fall Asleep Fast - #1 Tip: Boredom

How to Fall Asleep Fast - #1 Tip: Boredom

Boredom is the mother of performance killers. But here it may be the best way to help you to forgo the excitement of the day and fall asleep fast. Here are a few tips to use this concept to help you to fall asleep.

1. Get into routines that are just something you wish to do or need to do, but not exciting:

  • Learn a foreign language by listening to the language lesson
  • Listen to some part of history, philosophy, or other dense information with lights out.
  • Memorize a few things that are important for you but you are not willing to do during the day.

2. Before bed time, try to do the least desirable and repetitive things:

  • Review your account balances and pay bills
  • Getting next day ready by picking out the things to wear, organize the brief case or backpack, pack the lunch, and list the to-do items.
  • Read the things that you think will help you to grow but not exactly exciting. Those Chicken Soup for the Soul type of self-help stuff are the best way to put you to sleep. Anything that sounds good but takes no brain to digest is the best material.

3. Distract yourself from anything that bothered you during the day. Watching news, talking to friends, or working out are all the good pre-plays before bed time that relieve burdens off your system. 

Slowing down and removing yourself from excitement are effective in getting you into the bedtime mood. If nothing helps, you may want to consider some natural non-habit forming supplements such as Speed Sleep here.

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